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Registering for Digital Banking User Guide

Online banking provides an improved account management experience. You can use a web browser to connect to the online banking site on a desktop computer or other supported device.

To register your membership for Online Banking access, go to and follow these

  1. From the Home Page, select Register Consumer

  2. A form will be presented asking for the following information:

    • Social Security Number
    • Zip Code
    • Date of Birth
    • Requested Login ID (this will need to be created by the user, and was not previously provided)
    Fill out the form with the appropriate information. Once all fields are completed, click Continue to proceed with the Online registration process.

  3. A Congratulations window should appear, verifying a successful enrollment into Online Banking. Click continue to proceed.

  4. The member’s email and/or number should appear on the next page which will be used to deliver a secure access code. There are 3 potential Secure Access Code delivery methods. They are:

    • Text Message ‐ a 5‐digit code will be sent via text message to the phone number selected.
    • Call me ‐ a phone call will be received to the phone number selected. A 5‐digit code will be verbally read.
    These emails and numbers correspond to information previously given to Consumer’s Credit Union when a CCU account was created. Click on the email or number that is the most convenient.

  5. When the Secure Access Code is received, input the code into the provided field. Click Submit to continue.

  6. Enter and confirm a Password. Password is case sensitive. The password must be a minimum of 8 characters that must include the following:

    • At least one number
    • Minimum of one lower case character
    • Minimum of one upper case character
    • Minimum of one special character
    Once a password is entered and confirmed, click Submit to continue.

  7. Read the First Time Login Disclosure and accept the terms by clicking “I agree” at the bottom of the disclosure.
  8. Two options will be given after accepting the disclaimer. Register Device will allow the application to remember the device you are currently using and will not prompt you for a Secure Access Code at the beginning of each new log in. Do Not Register Device will not remember the current device and will ask to go through the Secure Access Code process when logging in again using the current device. Click on either option to continue.

  9. An automatic login should occur, and the home page should be visible. All corresponding accounts should be accessible in Online banking. This concludes the registration process for Online banking.