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Credit & Debit Card
Fraud Alerts

We are constantly monitoring credit card and debit card transactions to identify and prevent fraud on your account. Consumers Credit Union is committed to providing our members the best fraud-fighting tools to strengthen our defenses and help our members take immediate action against fraud. Should we identify suspicious transactions on your account, we will attempt to contact you about the activity via SMS, phone, or email to determine if a transaction was authorized.

Please remember that we will never ask for account information, passwords, a PIN, a code, or any other sensitive information via these unsecure channels. Our SMS fraud alerts only require a simple yes (Y) or no (N) reply. If you aren't certain if the message is authentic, please contact us at 866.820.3842 to learn more.

Thank you for being our member and allowing us to secure your account!
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Advanced Fraud Alerts FAQs