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Switch Kit

Make the easy switch to Consumers Credit Union today!

It's time you demanded more from your financial institution, and received it. That's why Consumers Credit Union has created this convenient and easy-to-use resource that walks you through the process of switching your accounts to us, a financial institution ready to fully support you. Just print and mail the forms in this Switch Kit and enjoy the freedom that comes with membership in our credit union.

Really, it's as easy as…

  • Join Consumers Credit Union
  • Click on a link, fill in the form, and print the document
  • Mail the document to the appropriate party to change your bank

"Switch Kit Checklist" keeps everything in order…

This list guides you through every step to switch your accounts to CCU, the credit union where you are the priority!

Close My Bank Account

Use this letter to notify your previous financial institution that you're closing your account and to instruct them on how to disburse funds.

Direct Deposit Change Request

This form re-routes your direct deposits to your new CCU account. Examples include deposits from payroll, Social Security Administration, IDES, etc.

Switch Automatic Withdrawal Payment

Your existing automatic payments will transition seamlessly to your CCU account by using this form.

Set Up Automatic Withdrawal or Payment

When you're ready to establish new automatic payments from your CCU account, use this form to create that link.

Cancel My Automatic Withdrawal or Payment

Send this letter to vendors to cancel any automatic payment relationships connected to your previous financial institution account.