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Consumers Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness Webinars


Spend Less, Save more and improve your spending habits.

Presented by: Julie Selof, Community Relationship Manager, CCUFC

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • Practical strategies to reduce spending 
  • How to Identify and manage the 12 costly Cs 
  • Recognize and reframe your financial habits 
  • Start a spending plan to help you save money


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Identify Your Spending Personality: The psychology of why we buy and how to make it work for you.

Presented by: Julie Selof, Community Relationship Manager, CCUFC

This webinar covers advertising, spending habits and social factors that we all encounter, while shopping online or at the mall. Find out the psychology of why we buy and what influences our behaviors. Learn why we buy things and how to create new habits to resist temptation.

Watch the recording today to learn what influences your spending habits, what shapes our spending values and how to make a positive change.


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GreenPath Financial Wellness 

Reach your financial goals with some help from experts. We have proudly partnered with GreenPath™ to help members like you achieve financial wellness.

Whether you need help getting out of debt, buying a home, or want to be well equipped with financial education, GreenPath™ is here for you. Sometimes all we need is a little coaching to get on the right path.

Watch the video below to learn more.

How GreenPath Can Help

  • Free debt counseling and financial coaching
  • Housing counseling by HUD-approved experts
  • Full-service debt management plans
  • Credit report reviews
  • Financial education tools and workshops
  • Calculate your monthly expenses with a free Budgeting Worksheet

Free Online Courses

Take free, self-paced courses on a variety of topics through online learning modules provided by GreenPath™.


Learn all about checking accounts — including how to open one, how to manage one, and more.

Learning Lab

Learn about credit reports and scores, the basics of creating a budget, and the process of buying a home.

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