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eXpressPay User Guide

Loan eXpressPay is a service that allows you to pay your loan payment without mailing a payment or coming to a branch. For a small convenience fee, the member can make the CCU loan payment using a debit card or routing number and account number.

To make your CCU loan payment using eXpressPay:

  1. From the navigation menu, navigate to Transfers > Loan eXpressPay

  2. The external link for the CCU loan eXpressPay will open. Enter the loan account number and the member’s last 4‚Äźdigit SSN.

  3. Verify amount due and due date, select a funding option (bank account or credit/debit transaction), and select Submit

  4. Complete payment information and select Continue ACH Transaction: 


    Debit Signature:

  5. Verify submitted payment information, agree to the Terms & Conditions, and select Confirm. The payment request will be received, and the member will receive an email with a confirmation number and payment details.