Internship Opportunities

Consumers Credit Unions objective is to offer their interns a real-world, work-life experience to better understand the career path they aspire to choose. Consumers has a diverse workplace with many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. The program is designed to create a future path for interns who both enjoy the program and have an interest in a career in the financial services industry.


   Qualifications to apply: 
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Currently attending university
  • Ability to work full time for the summer

    CCU starts their internship recruiting in the spring. For any             questions, please email [email protected] 


   Past Intern Positions Include:
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Strategy and Risk
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • IT
  • Mortgage Services
  • Visa Services

     "Consumers Credit Union has given me the opportunity to apply the knowledge I learned in the classroom to                 real life work situations and grow through various experiences. These opportunities have allowed me to grow             professionally and explore career opportunities in human resources."

-Grace, Human Resources Intern


"Consumers has been an environment that has challenged me continuously while being surrounded by people who are willing to teach me and share their experiences."

-Brandon, Risk and Strategy Intern


   "The Inbound Sales/New Accounts Intern assisted with thoroughly reviewing new Member online applications,                    requesting additional documentation if necessary, and opening these remote, new accounts. The intern also                        communicated via e-mail with these new Members, welcoming them to CCU and answering any initial questions. This        help allowed other New Accounts employees to solely focus on video and phone interactions, inevitably increasing their      sales/service performance. Our Intern was an incredible resource!"

-Heather, New Member Manager 


"Consumers Credit Union welcomed and supported me greatly when I started. I really enjoyed getting to know the other interns which makes the transition from school to work so easy. I got the opportunity to take what I have been working on in school and apply that knowledge to my work!"

-Garrett, IT Intern


  "Consumers Credit Union is a diverse workplace with many opportunities to grow personally and professionally.           Through CCU's Marketing Internship, I'm able to gain experience in the aspects of social media, public relations           and marketing. I apply my education to the realities of working in marketing while continually learning new               ideas and marketing strategies."

  -Jessica, Marketing Intern





Every year the CCU interns are tasked with a 10-week project. At the end of the summer they present their work to the Senior Management Team.




CCU sent their interns to Six Flags Great America for a day to celebrate a successful summer.